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  1. What is DirtyWarez?A: DirtyWarez is a full version Warez Search Engine which porvides download limks from free file hosting providers such as rapidshare, hotfile, netload and megaupload. We don't store any files on our servers, We simply link to them. Downloading from dirtywarez is 100% free, however we do provide (OPTIONAL) premium paid mirrors for faster downloading experiences.
  2. Is this completely legal?A: It is legal in selected countries, where we are based this is not illegal. If you do not know if its legal or not where you live, then it's probably not! And even if it is, you cannot be caught like other services such as P2P and torrents! In some countries, you need to own the original program/file legally, before you can download it from our site.
  3. How do I download anything?A: This site works by indexing links from other websites. So, after clicking on a download, a new window will open. The frame to the left will provide you some more information regarding your download. The larger main frame will be where you will find the actual download information. If the download is from a file hosting service such as Rapidshare or Megaupload, you need to download each file by loading it in a new window and waiting for the download link to appear. More information on how to download and download guides for Rapidshare and Megaupload can be found here.
  4. What do I do after I download?A: After downloading, you need to scan all files with an antivirus, we suggest NOD32 or Kaspersky. Almost all files are compressed into .rar or .zip archives. To use these you must install a rar/zip software such as WinRAR or WinZip. Then you need to extract all files to a folder by using the downloaded and installed WinRAR or WinZip.
  5. What to do with password protected archives?A: The password is most likely the URL from where the warez file was downloaded (possibly even with 'www.' or 'http://'). If that is not the case try the URL of the website (of the respective warez file). If that still isn't the password try to contact the poster or site administrator of the respective site.
  6. Can I get viruses from your site?A: No, our site does not have any viruses, trojans, spyware, or anything that can infect your computer. However, we do link other sites that sometimes may have spyware or something similar on them. If you de come across a website that contains spyware/spam, we would appreciate if you could report that to us by contacting us.
  7. What can I do to remove copyrighted links from DW?A: Send the infringement notice via email by clicking here, please read our DMCA/Takedown page before contacting us.

    Please allow up to a week for an email response. Note that emailing your complaint to other parties such as our Internet Service Provider will not expedite your request and may result in a delayed response due to the complaint not being filed properly.
  8. Can I promote DirtyWarez?A: We really appreciate people who are willing to spread the word by linking back to our website. Every little link on the internet helps! You can find a few backlink codes below.
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We try to list our most asked questions, is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us by clicking here.